Archive: June 11, 2010

the adham shaikh show

onbeyond has been doing design for adham shaikh since 2003. starting with the interchill re:release of adham’s groundbreaking “journey to the sun”, the design relationship between onbeyond and adham has been symbiotically strong.¬† journey to the sun is an ambient masterpiece which captured my imagination long before i was a graphic designer.

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tracking the hand that tracks the vectors

here’s a neat thing i found online the other day. it’s a piece of software that makes a visual image of the map that your mouse makes across the screen for whatever time period you desire. it’s called iograph


here’s roughly 21 hours.

crystal and spore metamapping


design lineages are an important part of the recollection of the work i have done over the past decade. i have had many projects which continued on for many years and gained a design legacy of their own which still continues to this day. my work with the legendary delvin solkinson, began as a partnership of poetic exploration and quickly became a whole cultural movement.

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media mashup remix


sometimes i like to remix images that have meaning or significance to the event i am working on a poster for. working with hoola (promoter in nelson) and yan zombie (all around audio maniac), allows me the opportunity to explore some of these retro oriented spoof posters.

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