The Hold-On Tight

Yan Zombie | Hold On Tight
When i first moved to the sunshine coast in 1999-2000, i met a very strange and hilarious hippy kid, who i was to learn was pretty far from being a hippy . After a witnessing a couple of wilder edged adventures, which would probably render many people insane,  i came to regard him as one of the more cynical and intelligent people i had ever met. The last time i saw him on the coast, around 2001, he was wearing patchwork corduroy and a huge felt hat. The next time i saw him, after he moved to Nelson, he was about as hiphop as it was possible to be. He was WAY more comfortable and at home in that sort of environment. As a music producer and MC, going under the monikers Yan Czar, and CyphaNex, Yan produced edgy hiphop with scathingly intelligent vocals.

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