Archive: October 25, 2011



Adham Shaikh has been a longtime friend and artistic collaborator. I think of him as a successful role model / big brother who has continually supported me and provided me the opportunity to design, usually completely without micromanaging interference. It has been an honour and a pleasure to work with him over the years. His project with Uwe Neumann, an Indian Raga Fusion electronic music mashup, is one of the most intriguing world beat projects on the planet right now, fusing dancefloor sensibility with classical indian ragas provided by the incredibly talented Uwe.

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Permaculture, Community and Design Initiatives

As a graphic designer, I realize the importance of branding and advertising in today’s world. I also recognize the perils of a corporate design world devoid of substance or realness. Graphic Design is a necessity which is not always accepted or embraced by people whose aspirations and projects lie outside of the monetary world. Being a social activist, and a permacultural supporter from my earliest days of design, I have come to understand the need for design as something which transcends the immediate value of bringing customers to projects or making money. I am much more than an advertiser, and my clients represent projects, services and products which embed as much education and forward thinking value as possible. Gaiacraft is one such project which has, from it’s original inception, focused on the world building initiatives of community and permaculture as a means of generating authentic abundance in a world altogther too focused on money as a value. It has also embraced the world of graphic design as a means to promoting that end.

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