Archive: August 20, 2014



Well tribute skateshop allowed me to cross a design off of my bucket list this year. Here’s a shop curated version of the Tribute 10th anniversary skate deck. This design pays homage to the skull art tradition of skate design, as well as acknowledging the inevitability of the image to be scraped away from skating. Check out the deck here:



Sara Spicer (Lion-S) and Mike Paine (better known as Hoola), have been helping to organize the Shambhala festival since it began. These original Kootenay Scene pioneers blazed the trail for west coast electronic music. Arguably the Shambhala festival would not be what it is today without the vision and tenacity for booking the best music that this dynamic duo bring to the table. As the the Pride, these two continue to book incredible music, on the LIVING ROOM beach stage. They get some of their Top Notch talent to play smaller clubs in Vancouver as a showcase of the Kootenay energy they espouse. It’s been such a great experience working with them on this series, which had animal totems as a theme. HUGE gratitude to Mugwort who provide the Owl in Home 1, and the Lion in Home 2.