onbeyond 2010

Welcome to the next incarnation of onbeyond metamedia. Big things are happening as the potentials and projects are evolving at exponential rates. 2009 was a tough year of groundbreaking and goal setting. The snow hasn’t been great so there’s more time to work. The portfolio is gonna take a bit to get all sorted out on this new system. i can’t wait to have a wordpress site.

This portal is where you find the day to day design ramblings and findings of a digital life mixed with organic greens. This is the permaculture / technomystical / whole systems overview. For those of you who used to follow the Crystal and Spore metalogues, this site marks a return to the media activism which once was so central to the vision. Now more than ever the media skills we espouse and aspire to are intended to be used with the aim to evolve our knowledge and understanding, enriching our experience and being inspired by natural systems.

Onbeyond Metamedia is entering it’s decade of existence. Together with allies Gaiacraft, Akhentek, Geotropic and Syrinx designs, the stage is set for a larger visonary output with  a more broad sweeping scope: Media design and education for the future culture. It’s coming full spiral. The evolution continues.