media mashup remix

sometimes i like to remix images that have meaning or significance to the event i am working on a poster for. working with hoola (promoter in nelson) and yan zombie (all around audio maniac), allows me the opportunity to explore some of these retro oriented spoof posters.

for vinyl ritchie i used the original old captain canuck comic book cover and simply reset the type to reflect the event. i felt the image related to canada day, represented heoric scott arkwell (a legendary vancouver dj who pretty much brought breakbeat to the canadian west coast) and made for a good tongue in cheek poke at canada as a patriotic nation. note that captain canuck has an axe: a double edge joke on both the practice of clearcutting our province, and the idea of dropping tracks orĀ  “cuts”. also notice the funny looking elves in the bottom right corner. kinda look like kootenay hipsters. there are two aliens in the background who could be seen as either ominous figures or collaborative inspirations (matt the alien?).