summer 2011 mini update


The summer has been hectic and chill at the same time. I have enjoyed the outside world more than i have in many years, even during the time I lived on the sunshine coast. I’ve pretty much been eking a meagre existence by making posters for the local club. I keep posting them because each one takes time and even though many are modifications of admats or images i find online, they all have their charm and i could use each one as a miniature essay on design. I only get text details and logos for most of these, sometimes i get art direction, like from Dave Geddes at BassBizniz productions, but often its body copy only. The rest is up to me. Each one of these posters takes between 1 and 3 hours depending on how seriously i decide to take it, and how much editing has to be done. My goal is to have them done from start to end in 2 hours. I consider each one it’s own meditation in design, both in theory and in practice.

Each one contains considerations for placement and style attempting to maximize impact while keeping the production times minimal. my rates go from 100-200$ for a basic 11 x 17. The amount of fully engaged design art you get depends on a number of factors: how much you supply me with as initial inspiration, the amount of art direction you wish to do, the quality of linkage you send me to research the subject we are promoting. You get extra points if you are a) a non profit doing an unspeakably heroic thing b) willing to allow me to push the creative envelope by investing in deeper original design  c) promoting onbeyond in your projects and mutually sharing contacts to develop bigger circles of influence.