the new ness

This is the new Onbeyond Blog/Portfolio site. Please note that some of these posts will be grammatically correct, and some will be full of typos, intentional misspellings, secret codes, inside jokes and subliminal messages. Everyone is moving into the blessed new age of the post-facebook post your own ideas and have your own designed internet netowrking world! How exciting. We have only been waiting nearly a decade for the average joe/joesephine to figure out that facebook is a watered down version of what was already watered down.

I am testing a new set of WordPress widgets here, while attempting to keep everything super duper simple on this site. I want to have a portfolio site, but also a place where i can post longer editorial commentary on the madness and wonder of the world in a fashion more elegant than the status update or the twitter feed. I am really hoping that more people clue into the wonders of WordPress and get on it quick before someone catches on and makes this free blogware something you have to purchase.

I love you all. Please know that. If you read to the bottom of each post, recognize that there will almost always be a worthwhile reason to do so.

Tip of the Day: WordPress is FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! Good design is not. Ask me about details.