Shine Edgar is an exceptional person. Possibly the most positive thinking person i have yet encountered, his energy and enthusiasm is infectious. After briefly meeting him a number of time on tour with Adham Shaikh, we finally got to talking about me doing design for his upcoming album, produced by Adham. I was excited to be part of such a diverse world music project, with reminscent overtones of inspirational early electronic acts like baka beyond, and the realworld label run by peter gabriel.

Shine left the design and the artwork up to me, empowering me to envision the design based on the resonance with the music itself. Both ancient and futuristic, this music show the timelessness of music and its ability to uplift, empower and heal. With stellar performance from a multitude of talented musicians this music really hits at the heart level while still activating a jumping dancefloor. The resulting artwork was galactic in nature focusing on the many many pathways of stars in our galaxy and the notion of a central sun around which things spin in their ceaseless orbits.