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Onbeyond  has been offering visuals to various events and conferences since 2002. Beginning as accompaniment for the Crystal and Spore metamedia environment, and in collaboration with Invisible media, Onbeyond established the visual node of the design wing with the intention to deliver content heavy video mixup with heavy filtering and custom designed sets for specific shows.

In the beginning, this was exclusively geared towards educational events and conference projections. This early visuals project was reliant on the vj software Motiondive, and owes a great deal to master vj’s Honeybee, Mark Meltzer, and the extraordinary Suez Holland of Electrabelle visuals. In 2008, Onbeyond relocated to the Kootenays where full time effort was put into developing coz&fx, a collaborative media lab with dj/vj Craig Mullin (aka sir cedric meade), and naasko wripple (also known as DT Muzuki). After a series of successful nights and events, including the midforms festival, shambhala music festival and several high profile outdoor events in the spirit bar parking lot in nelson BC,  2010 saw a splintering of the coz&fx team into individual units, primarily due to the undervalued state of visuals in a time of recession. Sijay James took on the task of doing select shows by himself in conjunction with artists such as: Matt the Alien, Rusko, Adam Freeland, Vibesquad, and Skream. These shows were brought to town by BassBizniz productions, Pride Productions, AreaOne productions and Yan Zombie.

For over 10 years Onbeyond has had a design relationship with Adham Shaikh, beginning with the Interchill re:release of his groundbreaking ambient album Journey to the sun. Since then Onbeyond has produced design for 4 albums, and taken on the task of creating custom / mix content for adham’s live touring show. The Universal Frequencies west coast tour saw the beginning of an integrated media projection installation which is triggered and cued by the music. this show has received rave reviews in Vancouver, Victoria, Hornby, Calgary, Vernon, Nanaimo and the legendary Faeries and Fools.

Onbeyond also pitched, successfully, to the town of Nelson BC, to present a live visuals/music installation during the final of the 2010 olympic torch relay ceremony. Utilizing the content offered by countless contributors, the presentation focussed on the beauty and diveristy of Nelson and the talent found close to home. This presentation featured Joel West as the dj, and was inestimably aided by collaboration with Geotropic Media, and Dustin East. A special note to Invisible productions for their behind the scenes support of this project. From 2010 to the present, Onbeyond has had a steady stream of shows both in Nelson, and abroad in Vancouver, Calgary and Victoria. BassCoast in 2013 was a huge highlight, which saw Onbeyond Take the visual reign over the Radio Stage during Om Unit. Other notable shows included Shambhala Beachstage thursday nights, and the wild Believe Freedom Festival.

To book onbeyond visuals for your event write to: onbeyond@gmail.com


To book onbeyond visuals for your event write to: onbeyond@gmail.com