In:Sight Nelson


A lot could be said about the In:Sight event, with Alex & Allyson Grey which took place in Nelson BC over the the 8-11th of October 2015. It was the culmination of a few years deliberation and immense undertaking to get the Grey’s to arrive in this little interior BC town. What a treat and honour to have these luminous entities deliver not only a 2 hour presentation on art and the inspired imagination, but they also gave an intensive 6 hour art workshop to 40+ dedicated attendees.

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Well tribute skateshop allowed me to cross a design off of my bucket list this year. Here’s a shop curated version of the Tribute 10th anniversary skate deck. This design pays homage to the skull art tradition of skate design, as well as acknowledging the inevitability of the image to be scraped away from skating. Check out the deck here:



Sara Spicer (Lion-S) and Mike Paine (better known as Hoola), have been helping to organize the Shambhala festival since it began. These original Kootenay Scene pioneers blazed the trail for west coast electronic music. Arguably the Shambhala festival would not be what it is today without the vision and tenacity for booking the best music that this dynamic duo bring to the table. As the the Pride, these two continue to book incredible music, on the LIVING ROOM beach stage. They get some of their Top Notch talent to play smaller clubs in Vancouver as a showcase of the Kootenay energy they espouse. It’s been such a great experience working with them on this series, which had animal totems as a theme. HUGE gratitude to Mugwort who provide the Owl in Home 1, and the Lion in Home 2.




The Galactic Trading Card oracle complex is one of Onbeyond’s most distinguished and long running design contracts.  This is in the realm of soul work, a dream of a dream. Initially a collaboration of ideas presented by Dew press to Onbeyond Metamedia (then a fledgling company ) inspired by the world of trading cards, the deck grew to encompass the art of many of the worlds living visionary painters, poetry and metapoetics in many languages spanning many traditions, as well as many of the world’s visionary graphic designers. It is a syncretic oracle consisting of  trading cards with gorgeous art on the front, and a complex design interface on the back delivering an incredibly detailed information system pertaining to the card. It acts as a tarot, amongst other divinatory, educational and entertainment purposes. It is breathtaking and has evolved a long way from its humble beginnings.

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Early in 2013 I had the pleasure of working for Nomad’s Hemp Wear on the third catalogue I had done for them. Louis and Anik are of my most favourite clients to work with because they are organized, know what they want, set deadlines and keep to those deadlines as a point of professional integrity. It always steps my game up to respond to clients who need professional output done in a relaxed design style and delivered on time to the printers. Louis and Anik have built their business organically, taking pride in the quality and intention of their product as well as the way that they represent and market it to others. I see their business as one of the top inspirations for sustainable models which truly reflect environmental concerns. They are an exemplary brand and I am honoured to work with them.

The catalogue is 40 pages and takes about two weeks of work time, full power, to complete (i do get some morning snowboard sessions in!). Louis and Anik shoot a lot of this photography and pick their models very carefully to reflect the core of the market who likes their clothes. We have similar design aesthetics and our templates are relatively easy to decide on. We like each others’ style. Louis is organized at making sure files are labelled as to what the content is, they have decided on a conceptual flow, and that folders arrive which make the placement of the content that much easier. Clients like this make my job much more relaxed and fun, as it allows a great deal of time for design placement and an easy, quick output of the final product.



After many years of grazing the surface of clothing design, LOVETWENTYWO has been launched as a collaboration with my partner Niki Hunter. Together we are approaching the daunting task of making a new clothing brand amongst a million brands, and we think we have a great plan. It involves creating and stewarding a growing design community. The shirts will be small print run and not available for long periods of time. It is not a logo centric brand and all shirts go towards supporting different projects and initiatives which promote evolution and change in the world.



I can barely begin to scratch the surface of what has happened in the last year. I feel like I need to make a number of solid updates in here. The bulk of my time now goes to art directing commentcanada, a new media magazine out of Nelson BC. I’ve also been making CD art for adham Shaikh, making catalogs for Nomads Hemp Wear, helping design spreads for Cosm magazine (upcoming!), and helping launch a number of new businesses. There a metric ton of new design, including some new posters. Here comes the winter!


I have been part of Entheos since its early stages of conception. Part of Entheos from day 1 has been a desire to work with design whole systems, integrated media platforms, and technological communication arrays. Entheos, while being one of western Canada’s most grassroots festivals, has always equivalently priveleged the technological future with the grounded earthbased intelligence of permaculture incentives, holistic lifestyles and community education. Design has been a deep part of Entheos’ image reflecting an awareness the role that the event plays in the world and the lives of people that contribute. Media impact.

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Living Room 2012

Mike and Sara from The Pride, are the cofounders of Shambhala’s legendary Beach stage. In fact they were original members of the inaugral shambhala crew, helping to build the foundation of one of the world’s best electronic Music festivals. Onbeyond has been working with the pride since 2005, first as a DJ, then as a visualist and graphic designer. We’ve been hooking up The pride with posters for their events as well as logos and branding for various side projects. Mike even gave me a snowboard (which has been well loved!). Here’s a sneak peak at some the new design for the beach in 2012.


Nomads 2012 Fall Collection Catalog

Nomads Hemp Wear, an awesome clothing company based in the Slocan Valley, approached onbeyond to have us design their new fall line catalog. Louis and Anik had been doing the catalog themselves for a number of years and this year they had a time crunch to get the clothing photographed in their models down in LA.

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Mayan Appocalypse 1 year Pre-Party.

December 21, 2012 is the reputed end date of the current mayan calendar cycle. We have no idea what is in store for us and we wanted to celebrate that uncertainty as a great mystery we get to watch unfold for us. Cynical or serious? Paradigm changing or subtle irony? A really fun vector design.


Bird Of Prey

Torin Goodnight is Bird of Prey. This music is expansive, highly skilled, heavy and filled with dancfloor filling excellence. An amazing set at the Living Room at Shambhala in 2011 alerted everyone to their presence. Check it out…This is a poster for his show in Victoria BC. Note the subtle nod to Judas Priest’s 80′s metal opus “Screaming for Vengeance”.



Shine Edgar is an exceptional person. Possibly the most positive thinking person i have yet encountered, his energy and enthusiasm is infectious. After briefly meeting him a number of time on tour with Adham Shaikh, we finally got to talking about me doing design for his upcoming album, produced by Adham. I was excited to be part of such a diverse world music project, with reminscent overtones of inspirational early electronic acts like baka beyond, and the realworld label run by peter gabriel.

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Adham Shaikh has been a longtime friend and artistic collaborator. I think of him as a successful role model / big brother who has continually supported me and provided me the opportunity to design, usually completely without micromanaging interference. It has been an honour and a pleasure to work with him over the years. His project with Uwe Neumann, an Indian Raga Fusion electronic music mashup, is one of the most intriguing world beat projects on the planet right now, fusing dancefloor sensibility with classical indian ragas provided by the incredibly talented Uwe.

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Permaculture, Community and Design Initiatives

As a graphic designer, I realize the importance of branding and advertising in today’s world. I also recognize the perils of a corporate design world devoid of substance or realness. Graphic Design is a necessity which is not always accepted or embraced by people whose aspirations and projects lie outside of the monetary world. Being a social activist, and a permacultural supporter from my earliest days of design, I have come to understand the need for design as something which transcends the immediate value of bringing customers to projects or making money. I am much more than an advertiser, and my clients represent projects, services and products which embed as much education and forward thinking value as possible. Gaiacraft is one such project which has, from it’s original inception, focused on the world building initiatives of community and permaculture as a means of generating authentic abundance in a world altogther too focused on money as a value. It has also embraced the world of graphic design as a means to promoting that end.

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Earthdance 1999 was on of the the first graphic design gigs of my career. It’s so far back now it is outside of my old harddrives, languishing in somewhere back on my old spindles of cd’s from a time when my design was just beginning. I met Sandra Karpetas, the organizer of Earthdance Vancouver 1997-2000, before I even had really cruised the modern internet. She was an inspirational being, encouraging me to get involved in the dance music community beyond my interests as a partier and dj, which really jumpstarted my interest in graphics. It was through Earthdance that I clued in to how large the global dance electronic dance music culture was.

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summer 2011 mini update


The summer has been hectic and chill at the same time. I have enjoyed the outside world more than i have in many years, even during the time I lived on the sunshine coast. I’ve pretty much been eking a meagre existence by making posters for the local club. I keep posting them because each one takes time and even though many are modifications of admats or images i find online, they all have their charm and i could use each one as a miniature essay on design. I only get text details and logos for most of these, sometimes i get art direction, like from Dave Geddes at BassBizniz productions, but often its body copy only. The rest is up to me. Each one of these posters takes between 1 and 3 hours depending on how seriously i decide to take it, and how much editing has to be done. My goal is to have them done from start to end in 2 hours. I consider each one it’s own meditation in design, both in theory and in practice.

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Something borrowed something new

I like to completely demystify the process of my art. Most of the new media artists I know are happy to tell you the deep specifics of how they created the things that they did. For us it is part of the  process to share and innovate, as well as cultivate a complete acceptance of the concept of remixing. Today’s artforms are hybrids of past media styles and principles mashed into the software of the modern era: instant creation. These artistic tools are available to a wider range of people than ever before in history. So much of what I do has become media collection and collage.

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Svetlana Bell came to Onbeyond with a vision. She works with guides and varied spiritual transitions to help people prepare for the coming shift in consciousness.


the entheos lineage

in order to really get into what entheos is, i would have to backtrack to the first reconvergence of the tribes in puyam, mile 36 of the elaho valley. it was there that i feel our community set the meme for the outdoor conference/festival and which has moved us to the fully launched lightship called entheos. it’s a long winded tale full of community evolution, shadows, politics, intrigue, digital networking, underground music, renengade anarchism, forested classrooms and rogue 4×4′s. it’s a tale too long to tell.

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The Hold-On Tight

Yan Zombie | Hold On Tight
When i first moved to the sunshine coast in 1999-2000, i met a very strange and hilarious hippy kid, who i was to learn was pretty far from being a hippy . After a witnessing a couple of wilder edged adventures, which would probably render many people insane,  i came to regard him as one of the more cynical and intelligent people i had ever met. The last time i saw him on the coast, around 2001, he was wearing patchwork corduroy and a huge felt hat. The next time i saw him, after he moved to Nelson, he was about as hiphop as it was possible to be. He was WAY more comfortable and at home in that sort of environment. As a music producer and MC, going under the monikers Yan Czar, and CyphaNex, Yan produced edgy hiphop with scathingly intelligent vocals.

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the adham shaikh show

onbeyond has been doing design for adham shaikh since 2003. starting with the interchill re:release of adham’s groundbreaking “journey to the sun”, the design relationship between onbeyond and adham has been symbiotically strong.  journey to the sun is an ambient masterpiece which captured my imagination long before i was a graphic designer.

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tracking the hand that tracks the vectors

here’s a neat thing i found online the other day. it’s a piece of software that makes a visual image of the map that your mouse makes across the screen for whatever time period you desire. it’s called iograph


here’s roughly 21 hours.

crystal and spore metamapping


design lineages are an important part of the recollection of the work i have done over the past decade. i have had many projects which continued on for many years and gained a design legacy of their own which still continues to this day. my work with the legendary delvin solkinson, began as a partnership of poetic exploration and quickly became a whole cultural movement.

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media mashup remix


sometimes i like to remix images that have meaning or significance to the event i am working on a poster for. working with hoola (promoter in nelson) and yan zombie (all around audio maniac), allows me the opportunity to explore some of these retro oriented spoof posters.

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postering the town


Everyone knows i make posters. i find it hard to turn down a poster gig because they are generally fun, completely creative and a process i know so well i can do them pretty quickly. i worked very hard in the past to get to the speed i can throw down a poster at now. 2-3 hours is what i budget for one of these and believe me some are easier than others. clients  want posters come in all shapes and sizes, for real, but one thing remains the same: they want the poster to reflect the feeling of the event, and i do believe i am reasonably talented at this level of divination.

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the new ness

This is the new Onbeyond Blog/Portfolio site. Please note that some of these posts will be grammatically correct, and some will be full of typos, intentional misspellings, secret codes, inside jokes and subliminal messages. Everyone is moving into the blessed new age of the post-facebook post your own ideas and have your own designed internet netowrking world! How exciting. We have only been waiting nearly a decade for the average joe/joesephine to figure out that facebook is a watered down version of what was already watered down.

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onbeyond 2010

Welcome to the next incarnation of onbeyond metamedia. Big things are happening as the potentials and projects are evolving at exponential rates. 2009 was a tough year of groundbreaking and goal setting. The snow hasn’t been great so there’s more time to work. The portfolio is gonna take a bit to get all sorted out on this new system. i can’t wait to have a wordpress site.

This portal is where you find the day to day design ramblings and findings of a digital life mixed with organic greens. This is the permaculture / technomystical / whole systems overview. For those of you who used to follow the Crystal and Spore metalogues, this site marks a return to the media activism which once was so central to the vision. Now more than ever the media skills we espouse and aspire to are intended to be used with the aim to evolve our knowledge and understanding, enriching our experience and being inspired by natural systems.

Onbeyond Metamedia is entering it’s decade of existence. Together with allies Gaiacraft, Akhentek, Geotropic and Syrinx designs, the stage is set for a larger visonary output with  a more broad sweeping scope: Media design and education for the future culture. It’s coming full spiral. The evolution continues.