In:Sight Nelson


A lot could be said about the In:Sight event, with Alex & Allyson Grey which took place in Nelson BC over  the 8-11th of October 2015. It was the culmination of a few years deliberation and immense undertaking to get the Grey's to arrive in this little interior BC town. What a treat and honour to have these luminous entities deliver not only a 2 hour presentation on art and the inspired imagination, but they also gave an intensive 6 hour art workshop to 40+ dedicated attendees.Read more


Earthdance 1999 was on of the the first graphic design gigs of my career. It's so far back now it is outside of my old harddrives, languishing in somewhere back on my old spindles of cd's from a time when my design was just beginning. I met Sandra Karpetas, the organizer of Earthdance Vancouver 1997-2000, before I even had really cruised the modern internet. She was an inspirational being, encouraging me to get involved in the dance music community beyond my interests as a partier and dj, which really jumpstarted my interest in graphics. It was through Earthdance that I clued in to how large the global dance electronic dance music culture was.
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Svetlana Bell came to Onbeyond with a vision. She works with guides and varied spiritual transitions to help people prepare for the coming shift in consciousness.

postering the town

Everyone knows i make posters. i find it hard to turn down a poster gig because they are generally fun, completely creative and a process i know so well i can do them pretty quickly. i worked very hard in the past to get to the speed i can throw down a poster at now. 2-3 hours is what i budget for one of these and believe me some are easier than others. clients  want posters come in all shapes and sizes, for real, but one thing remains the same: they want the poster to reflect the feeling of the event, and i do believe i am reasonably talented at this level of divination.

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