Early in 2013 I had the pleasure of working for Nomad’s Hemp Wear on the third catalogue I had done for them. Louis and Anik are of my most favourite clients to work with because they are organized, know what they want, set deadlines and keep to those deadlines as a point of professional integrity. It always steps my game up to respond to clients who need professional output done in a relaxed design style and delivered on time to the printers. Louis and Anik have built their business organically, taking pride in the quality and intention of their product as well as the way that they represent and market it to others. I see their business as one of the top inspirations for sustainable models which truly reflect environmental concerns. They are an exemplary brand and I am honoured to work with them.

The catalogue is 40 pages and takes about two weeks of work time, full power, to complete (i do get some morning snowboard sessions in!). Louis and Anik shoot a lot of this photography and pick their models very carefully to reflect the core of the market who likes their clothes. We have similar design aesthetics and our templates are relatively easy to decide on. We like each others’ style. Louis is organized at making sure files are labelled as to what the content is, they have decided on a conceptual flow, and that folders arrive which make the placement of the content that much easier. Clients like this make my job much more relaxed and fun, as it allows a great deal of time for design placement and an easy, quick output of the final product.